It all started when...

Neshia realized that stories are capable of either empowering or harming those who hear them. As an African-American and Samoan individual who grew up in the South Pacific and various parts of the United States, Neshia also knows that helping people speak their own narratives - instead of silencing, invalidating, or speaking for them - is a deeply healing process. 

After eight years in the mental health field, Neshia brings experience working with sexual assault survivors, hospice patients, and people from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds. She completed her Master's degree at Seattle University, where she also earned the prestigious Wallace Loh Academic Excellence Award for her research and writing around the experiences of mental health clients and therapists of color.

Neshia incorporates elements of existential, narrative, and cognitive-behavioral therapy into her treatment approach, all while centering counseling on the individual's strengths and cultural experiences. 

In her free time, Neshia enjoys collecting scarves, exploring the many culinary and cultural gems in her South Seattle home and spending time with loved ones.